Digging Tools

With the ErgoLine and NatureLine Range, GARDENA sets new standards for digging tool ergonomics, features and design.
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New standards in soil cultivation

Range of Gardena ErgoLine Digging Tools

ErgoLine - Perfect ergonomics

The ErgoLine range focus on a top ergonomic. With an extra-wide D handle, oval shaped handle and long plastic covering an ergonomically work is guaranteed.

Range of Gardena NatureLine Digging Tools inside a wheelbarrow filled with dirt

NatureLine - Comfortable wooden handle

The NatureLine impresses with an FSC®-certified D ash wood handle. Exactly the right spades and fork for everyone who wants to work with wooden handles.

Gardena spade with ergonomical D Handle

Wide D-handle

The extra-wide and ergonomically shaped D handle can be held with both hands comfortably at any point. This ensures extra force and more comfort.

A persons foot placed on the foot-rest of a Gardena Spade

Extra-large foot-rest

The extra-wide foot-rest with a special profile allows you to push the spade forcefully into the ground, and reduces the danger of injury due to unintentional slipping.

The Blade of a Gardena spade shown in detail

Sharp Spade Blade

The sharp spade blade guarantee an easy penetration of the ground.

A man digging up a garden with a Gardena spade

Refreshing your soil

Soil cultivation with a spade is the first step after the winter. Further soil cultivation tools see the GARDENA combisystem – flexible, long-life combination tools for all gardening tasks.


Garden inspiration

wonderful garden

Gardening for beginners - a quick guide

Everyone nurtures dreams of a beautiful, lush, green garden. But then reality comes knocking and the lack of time and insufficient funds tear the dream down.
using own fertilizer

Simplicity from nature: Make your own fertilizer

If you want an abundance of colourful flowers or a bumper crop of home-grown vegetables in your garden, fertilizer is a must. Here are some useful tips to make your own.

The problem with white potting soil

It's a problem that practically every amateur gardener has encountered at one time or another: Until recently, your potting soil had been well-tended and brown, but its surface is now covered in a white layer. The first thing to do is keep calm! That's because the white deposits are not necessarily mould, as many initially assume.