Garden Tools

No garden is complete without the GARDENA Garden Tools for all major applications. The high-quality handle and robust tools made of quality steel or high-quality plastic form a sturdy product, for comfortable handling and a long durability.
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Take life in your hands

Logo 10 year warranty

The 10-year warranty ensures high quality

For detailed warranty conditions, please refer to the enclosed operating manual or online at This warranty does not affect your legal warranty claims.

Logo Forest Stewardship Counsel

Certified wood

The European wood is 100% FSC® certified. Only wood from exemplary managed forests is used for GARDENA handles.

Gardena Natureline Rake

Guaranteed stable

The handle made from varnished beechwood and the tool form a robust connection without wobbling.

Gardena Weeding Trowel

Firm and ergonomic grip

GARDENA small tools are especially compact and easy to use. A specially shaped handle with soft components allows a secure grip and comfortable work.


Garden inspiration

wonderful garden

Gardening for beginners - a quick guide

Everyone nurtures dreams of a beautiful, lush, green garden. But then reality comes knocking and the lack of time and insufficient funds tear the dream down.

The problem with white potting soil

It's a problem that practically every amateur gardener has encountered at one time or another: Until recently, your potting soil had been well-tended and brown, but its surface is now covered in a white layer. The first thing to do is keep calm! That's because the white deposits are not necessarily mould, as many initially assume.

Grow your own apricots in a planter

The small fruit is bulging: with a full-bodied flavour, a lot of vitamins and a stone. Big up this apricot stone by growing your own apricot tree.