Drainage Pumps

Drain pools, ponds and flooded basements quickly and efficiently with GARDENA high capacity drainage pumps.
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Gardena Clear water submersible pump being pulled out of a swimming pool

Clear Water Submersible Pumps

For clear or slightly dirty water, come with aquasensor technique and floating switch panel for automatic cut-in and cut-out.

A man standing in a flooded cellar, watching a Gardena Dirty Water Submersible Pump, that is pumping the water outside.

Dirty Water Submersible Pumps

Special submersible pumps designed to cope with particles up to 25, 30 or even 38 mm in Diameter.

Close-up of a hand placing a 2-in-1 Submersible Pump in some water

2in1 Submersible Pumps

This multi-purpose pump can be used for dirty water (particles up to 35mm) and flat suction (1mm) in clear water mode.


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