Caring for your plants and every precious drop


Easy, accurate, water and time-saving irrigation

The Micro-Drip-System is an automated watering solution that is growing in popularity. The increase in demand is undoubtedly linked to hotter and drier summers and changing perception to this scarce resource in our society. There are key sustainable advantages that make this solution unbeatable: You can save water resources through targeted watering directly at the root of the plant. The system is installed in no time. Your plants will be supplied with exactly the right amount of water at the right spot.


For potted plants


For raised beds


For vegetable beds


For plant rows


With System Start & Connections


Find the right system for your requirements


Micro-Drip-System Planner

Find the needed Micro-Drip-System products for your specific requirements in your garden.

Water saving irrigation for all areas in your garden

Graphic with possible areas of use for the GARDENA MIcro-Drip System in a garden

As Europe ́s No. 1 watering brand and with its long heritage, GARDENA offers the right solution for your watering needs. No matter if you live in an apartment in the city or in a house with garden in the countryside, our range covers all application needs in the different areas of the house: terrace and garden incl. hedges, flower borders, vegetable beds and lawn.. Compatible with your existing Micro-Drip-System.

Our colour codes define the different areas of use and help you choose the right product for the right application.


System Start & Connections

The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System can be operated automatically with a GARDENA Water Control. Starting components ensure constant pressure and filter water. Link it all together the way you want it. Easy-to-install, adjustable and flexible to extend.


Balcony & Terrace (potted plants)

No more thirsty or over-soaked plants with endline and inline drip heads designed to deliver the water directly to the plant roots.


Raised beds and vegetable beds (plant areas)

Deliver water to larger beds. Once installed the area is flexible to be re-planted during the season.


Hedges and vegetable rows (plant rows)

The simple solution for hedges, bushes, shrubs and sensitive bed plants, drip irrigation lines can sit above or below ground for efficient watering.


Good reasons for Micro-Drip-System


Healthier plants

Keeps your plants healthy and improves your harvest, no matter what size or type of plant.


Water efficient irrigation

Saves water resources and transports the water directly where it’s needed.


Convenient and time-saving

You do not need to be there. Frees up your time for other tasks when used with an automatic water control.


Quick & easy Installation

Easy to install and flexible to re-arrange thanks to patented Quick & Easy connection and special tube technique.


Suitable for any size garden

Provides watering care no matter what size or type of plant.

Automatic Watering for more convenience when irrigating your garden and a better water efficiency

A person using their smartphone to control the watering in their garden with the GARDENA smart App.

Smart watering

The smart system that intelligently mows, waters and cares for your garden. Easily CONNECT your garden with your mobile phone, CONTROL the maintenance setting on the GARDENA smart App and your garden will THRIVE. The interconnected gardening solution with a broad range of smart devices.

A woman working on her raised garden bed with a GARDENA Water Control in the foreground

Watering with a water tap

Ensure that your plants are getting watered at the right time. Thanks to the GARDENA Water Control you can set automated watering schedules. Now your plants get just the right amount of water at the perfect time of the day.

Close-Up of a GARDENA Aquabloom mounted on a plant pot

Watering without a water tap

No access to a water tap or power socket on your flat, balcony or terrace? Then AquaBloom is your answer. This innovative and solar-powered watering solution nourishes your plants and flowers without a cable, a water tap connection or a plug. It connects to the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System and keeps up to 20 balcony and terrace plants blooming.

Flexible solutions for any use case and garden size


Ready-made Starter Sets

There are starter sets for all kinds of areas available. The sets contain all the parts you need.


Plan your own Micro-Drip-System

Configurate your Micro-Drip-System for your specific requirements in your garden. It is easy and requires just some steps.



Installation videos

Watch our videos and see how easy it is to set-up your Micro-Drip-System.


Automatic Irrigation

Automatic Watering that works alongside you. Save water and time as your garden flourishes.