Gardena Micro-Drip system installed for flower pots

Installation videos

Micro-Drip-System: Quick & Easy Installation

Easy to install and flexible to re-arrange thanks to patented Quick & Easy connection and special tube technique 

mds lilac 25m

Micro-Drip-Irrigation Hedge /Blush Set

mds lilac 15m

Micro-Drip-Irrigation Vegetable/Plant Row Set

mds yellow 15x

Micro-Drip-Irrigation Balcony Set

mds yellow15 m2

Micro-Drip-Irrigation Balcony Start Set

mds lilac hose 25m

Dripline for Above and Below Ground Irrigation

Micro-Drip-Irrigation Vegetable Bed/Flower Border Set

mds green 35x

Micro-Drip-Irrigation Raised Bed/Beds Set

mds yellow 30x

Micro-Drip-Irrigation Terrace Set

Close-up of a Gardena Micro-Drip Pipe

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