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On the walls, get set, go: Planting recommendations for your vertical garden

Do you only have a small area available in your garden? You can still achieve great results with the GARDENA NatureUp! planting system. Now your garden can grow upwards using the modular push-in system on your balcony, terrace or courtyard. The system adapts perfectly to your individual setup and planting preferences. Be it a sunny, south-facing terrace or a shaded, north-facing balcony, you can find the right plants for any area. In this article, you will learn which plants, herbs and ferns are right for you and how you can achieve your dream vertical garden oasis.

Jequirity, geraniums or mandevilla — decorative flowers for sunny areas

These flowers feel most at home in sunny or warm spots. For planting, you should use a nutrient-rich soil so that your flowers can get the energy they need for magnificent growth. The main and trace nutrients in the soil ensure that your favourite plants are well-supplied in the 3–5 weeks' growth period. So that you can enjoy your flowers for a long time, and to make sure your care is rewarded with a luscious bloom, we recommend adding a flower fertiliser to the irrigation water once a week.

  1. Mandevilla
  2. Marigold
  3. Scarlet sage
  4. Jequirity
  5. Gazania
  6. Fairy fan-flower
  7. Geranium
  8. Verbena
  9. Sanvitalia

Herb garden for semi-shaded areas

Fresh herbs simply taste better and will bring that certain something to any dish. Herbs like basil, coriander and lemongrass are well-suited to semi-shaded areas. So that your herbs can thrive, you should regularly supply them with important nutrients. Make sure you use an ecological fertilizer — that way when you are eating you won't be concerned about pollutants and can simply enjoy your home-grown herbs.

  1. Italian parsley
  2. Chervil
  3. Borage
  4. Basil
  5. Golden marigold
  6. Coriander
  7. Lemongrass
  8. Curly-leaf parsley
  9. Stevia

Sunny snack garden for little gourmands

No space for a thriving vegetable patch? No problem! Simply plant a vertical NatureUp! set with tomatoes, Swiss chard or chillies and enjoy a year of fresh vegetables. But be sure to use a variety of plant types — the different plants can protect each other from parasites and other diseases. With the right soil, you won't have to worry about pesticides anymore, so we recommend using ecological tomato or vegetable soil in your new snack garden. The following vegetable plants are suitable for planting in a sunny area.

  1. Aubergine
  2. Peppers
  3. Leaf lettuce
  4. Physalis
  5. Chilli
  6. Swiss chard
  7. Lettuce
  8. Red cabbage (brassica oleracea)
  9. Tomatoes

A leafy corner for shaded balconies

Many sun-loving flowers don't do too well in the shade, so instead we recommend ferns and grasses. These particularly beautiful leafy plants thrive in cool and shady areas. This plant variety excels itself in beauty and diversity of species, so you will be able to find the variety that best suits your style. Because ferns and grasses prefer moist soil, we recommend using quality potting soil with perlite. This type of soil is looser and prevents root rot, whilst providing your plants with the moisture they need.

  1. Ivy
  2. Black scallop
  3. Hart's-tongue fern
  4. Hosta
  5. Carex evergreens
  6. Heuchera
  7. Maidenhair fern
  8. Purple nutsedge
  9. Bergenia

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