A hand holding a GARDENA secateur

AssistCut – Battery supported secateurs

A hand cutting a branch off a tree with a GARDENA secateur

Easy, effortless cutting of thicker branches

A person with a GARDENA secateur and some wild flowers

Prune even delicate flowers

A person holding a GARDENA secateur

Rejuvenate shrubs easily

A man sitting in between some plants and cutting a shrub

Bypass cutting principle for a cut that is gentle on plants

The power of precision: Powerful help for the job in hand.

Pruning plants in the garden is an integral task for any passionate gardener. It becomes easier to cut off thicker branches on shrubs and trees by hand, when the secateurs that are used provide additional force.

The new GARDENA AssistCut battery supported secateurs provide powerful assistance, cut after cut. As soon as the tool’s intelligent sensor detects resistance while cutting, the integrated motor is switched on and supports you with up to 5 times more extra power.


More power when you need it.


Additional battery support thanks to an intelligent sensor.


Cut even thicker branches effortlessly.


Efficient and effortless cutting through battery support.

A GARDENA AssistCut secateur is the ideal cutting tool for various hand sizes.

Adjustable hand size for a comfortable cutting experience

The entire product is designed to make even hard work feel easy. The ergonomic handles and the two step handle opening width makes the AssistCut secateurs the ideal cutting tool for various hand sizes.

Close-up of the steel blades on a GARDENA secateur that are made in Germany

Premium steel cutting blades, made in Germany

The precision-ground stainless steel blades are made in Germany and the bypass cutting principle allows you powerful and precise cuts to protect your plants.

The AssistCut allows you to make up to 1400 battery supported cuts with a fully charged battery

On/off button switches back to manual use, prolonging battery life

The AssistCut allows you to make up to 1400 battery supported cuts with a fully charged battery. When the battery operation is switched off, the AssistCut can be used just like a conventional pair of manual secateurs. The on/off function also ensures a long battery life during storage.

Prune your garden comfortably: See the AssistCut in action

Designed for comfort, made with quality.

A GARDENA AssistCut secateur is engineered in Germany and has three years warranty
A graph that illustrates how you need less effort cutting with the AssistCut battery support

Laboratorally approved: up to 5 times more power

In our laboratory we measured the effort it takes to cut branches with and without AssistCut battery support. As you can see in the graph, the user's effort is 5 times lower while using battery support compared to cutting a branch without. This makes cutting especially easy and effortless.

A GARDENA AssistCut secateur with a USB charging cable

Easy charge via USB

Charge the integrated battery quickly and easily via the included USB cable. The battery is fully charged within only 100 minutes.

A woman cutting a tree with a GARDENA AssistCut secateur

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From beginner to professional user - there is a full range of different secateurs. GARDENA has the ideal tool for you.

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The right cut for a good harvest

Winter pruning encourages growth and is crucial to the subsequent shape of the tree. The right months for winter pruning are January and February. This is when fruit trees are in their dormant phase. The structure of the crown is also easier to identify since the tree has no leaves.

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