GARDENA city gardening

Gardening the modern way

People are drawn to the cities. Whether because of work, or because they simply enjoy the thrill of city life. A green retreat is also required here – which is why mini-gardens are being created, even in the smallest of spac-es. GARDENA is also moving with the times, and provides everything in its new product portfolio on city gardening which city gardeners might need for their little green oases.

When many people live in a small space, there is hardly any room for large gardens. Those who have their own little piece of lawn behind their terraced house or a balcony or terrace can consider themselves lucky.

The trend in the cities is to create a green oasis even over these few square metres. This green idyll represents peace and relaxation away from everyday life. Some people transform their balcony into a true sea of flowers; others create a garden of fruits. They raise fresh fruit and vegetables in pots and planters, and utilise every available space for the purpose. In little terraced house gardens, the use of a few tricks and the right planning allows you to create gardens which are just as beautiful as a large garden in a rural area. And proud owners of a roof terrace stage their perfect view over the rooftops with shrubs and modern arrangements in large planters. In order to combine modern city life with the natural world, many young families today use the opportunity to run a small garden. They are therefore freeing small garden culture from its outdated image, and reviving it in a modern way.

Yet all gardens have one thing in common, whether in the country or in the city – they have to be maintained! Plants have to be regularly watered and repotted; shrubs and flowers have to be cut and lawns mowed. GARDENA has picked up on the trend for small gardens, and now provides the perfect equipment for the job in the city gardening range – practical, functional and above all space-saving in storage. The new Balcony Box is the perfect basic equipment for balcony gardeners. The most important Hand Tools in a box, always close by and protected against the weather. A new Terrace Spiral Hose with integrated bracket and the new Terrace Hose Box is suitable for particularly small gardens or roof terraces, as they have a length of only 7.5 or 10 metres – sufficient for a small garden or the roof terrace.

If the lawn area is small, the GARDENA Classic Cylinder Lawnmower 330 is the perfect companion for the summer months. It cuts the grass accurately to length and, thanks to the foldable handle, can disappear into even the smallest niche after mowing. In addition, it requires neither electricity nor petrol to oper-ate, and runs exceptionally quietly.

Well-known and proven products from the GARDENA range supplement the topic of city gardening. Combinations consisting of the GARDENA combi-system, the GARDENA Flower Box Watering and numerous cutting devices are particularly suitable for those working in small gardens, on balconies or terraces.

In this way, city gardeners too can profit from the tradition and the know-how contained in each individual product by GARDENA, according to the slogan: My garden. My passion.


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