Sit back, relax and have the watering done

Your garden still needs water when you are away or asleep. Even then your plants are perfectly irrigated thanks to the GARDENA Water Computers that are directly connected to the tap. Or you can also water different areas of your garden separately, for example the lawn, flower boxes on the patio or flowerbeds. Then a Multi-Channel Control System ensures that each separate area is supplied with the correct amount of water at the right time.


On-demand, water-saving irrigation

Connect a Soil Moisture Sensor to a Water Control to interrupt or prevent automatic watering when the soil is sufficiently moist. Saves water by only watering your garden when necessary.

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Water Distributor for up to 6 irrigation lines

In combination with a Water Distributor Automatic a GARDENA MasterControl can control up to six garden areas and automatically water them one after the other.


Multi-Channel Solutions

No matter whether you need to water your lawn, flower pots or vegetable garden, each planting area can be individually watered - either by use of electricity or battery for powering an irrigation control system below ground.


Below-ground valve control

When several lines of pop-up sprinklers need to be controlled, the GARDENA Irrigation Control System is ideally suited. This multi-channel solution can control several water channels individually by valve control.

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Water Timer
Article No. : 1169-28
Automatic timer for occasional watering
Water Control Flex
Article No. : 1890-34
Perfect for irrigation of plant pots with micro-drip-system
Water Control Flex
Article No. : 1890-28
Perfect for irrigation of plant pots with micro-drip-system
Water Control Select
Article No. : 1891-28
Flexible automatic irrigation thanks to 3 individual watering schedules
Water Control Bluetooth®
Article No. : 1889-28
Water Control from GARDENA with Bluetooth® App
Water Control Master
Article No. : 1892-28
Flexible automatic irrigation thanks to 6 individual watering schedules
smart Water Control Set
Article No. : 19103-28
Efficient water management via the GARDENA smart App
smart Water Control
Article No. : 19031-28
Automatic irrigation via smart App
smart Irrigation Control
Article No. : 19032
smart Irrigation Control of up to six irrigation zones
24 V Irrigation Valve
Article No. : 1278-20
Reliable control technology
Irrigation Valve 9 V Bluetooth®
Article No. : 1285-20
Wireless Irrigation Valve with practical Bluetooth® control unit
Soil Moisture Sensor
Article No. : 1867-20
Automatically optimized irrigation with the Soil Moisture Sensor
Extension Cable
Article No. : 1868-20
Extension Cable for your Soil Moisture Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor
Article No. : 1188-20
Automatic, water-saving irrigation
smart Sensor
Article No. : 19030-20
Measure factors such as soil moisture, light internsity and external temperature and inclue the soil moisture in the irrigation control system using the smart App
Water Distributor Automatic
Article No. : 1197-20
Let it flow – automatic and in a row! In up to 6 areas in the garden.
24 V Connection Cable
Article No. : 1280-20
15 m, cable cross-section 7 x 0.5 mm2.
24 V Cable Clip
Article No. : 1282-20
Cable cross-section from 0.33 to 1.5 mm2.
Valve Box V3
Article No. : 1255-20
For the installation of three valves
Valve Box V1
Article No. : 1254-20
For the installation of a valve

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