Hedge Clippers

Whether for exact shaping or for large-scale cutting back; GARDENA's range of hedge clippers are designed for comfort, with high-quality blades that leave a clean, healthy cut.
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For manual precise, accurate pruning and shaping

A man cutting a high hedge with a Gardena Hedge Clipper with telescopic handles

Telescopic Clippers for better reach

The GARDENA TeleCut Hedge Clippers include telescopic aluminium handles that can be extended by 20 cm, which gives a total reach up to 90 cm. The Telescopic Hedge Clipper allows for a larger range and is ideal for cutting larger, higher hedges.

A woman cutting a shaped bush with a Gardena Hedge Clipper

Straight blade for accurate shaping

Our PrecisionCut Hedge Clippers feature straight blades, perfect for precise, accurate cuts, for example when pruning or shaping a bush or topiary.

A man cutting a hedge with  a Gardena Hedge Clipper

Waved blade for extensive cutting

A Hedge Clipper with a waved blade is ideal for extensive cutting and pruning of a hedge, for example. The waves ensure that the branches do not slip away and that you always get an optimal cutting angle.

Logo: 25 year warranty

25-year warranty

Our Hedge Clippers are designed and built drawing from years of experience in cutting tools and only using the highest quality materials. GARDENA cutting tools are put through rigorous quality testing to ensure reliability. We’re so confident in their quality and reliability, all GARDENA Hedge Clippers are guaranteed by a 25-year warranty.

A man cutting a hedge with a Gardena Hedge Clipper

Strong and reliable for the best cutting result

The GARDENA Hedge Clippers have an ergonomic and lightweight design that ensures easy, convenient use and accurate cutting performance. As every garden is different, and every gardener has their own requirements, GARDENA has developed three product categories within GARDENA Hedge Clippers: Classic for the garden beginner, Comfort for the modern hobby gardener and Premium for the demanding, high-tech hobby gardener.


Garden inspiration

taking care of hedges

Take good care of your garden hedges

A good-looking garden hedge can be the pride of the neighborhood. It also provides shade, shelter and privacy. Here’s how to cut and trim your hedge properly, according to a couple of easy ground rules.
virginia creeper

Beautify your wall with Virginia creeper

Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) is a popular climbing plant. Thanks to its anchoring feet it quickly climbs up house walls and greens it without any growth support. Virginia creeper bears dark green leaves throughout the year. In autumn Virginia creeper decorates walls with fire-red leaves. Thanks to its big leaves it keeps houses cool at hot summer days. But where does Virginia creeper come from? How do you plant it and what should you consider before and while planting?
cutting hedges

Trimming special

After the previous GARDENA Newsletter, we received a lot of enquiries relating to autumn trimming. We cannot replace an expert manual here. However, we would love to provide a few helpful tips.