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From automatic mowing with the GARDENA SILENO robot lawnmowers, to smart irrigation, keep your garden thriving wherever you are with the GARDENA Smart System. Available as kits or in individual components.
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A Gardena smart Robotic lawnmower with a couple in the background having fun in their garden

The garden doesn't notice you're gone, because you're not.

A young man looking at his smartphone while sitting on a boardwalk

Control all features from anywhere, using your smartphone.

Gardena smart water control next to a small lake

Automatically water your garden; when the time is right.

A Gardena smart Sensor in the middle of  a flowerbed

Know what your plants need, at any time.

A group of people sitting in a gazebo in the evening.

Care for your garden; wherever you are.


Logo for the LONA technology

The next level of smart lawn care: LONA™ Intelligence

The LONA™ Intelligence is a brand-new and unique feature of the smart SILENO robotic lawnmower range. This AI-based technology learns your garden layout and creates a map that can be accessed on the GARDENA smart App to easily define zones and set up bespoke maintenance setting for these. With one fingertip you can track the location your SILENO on the garden map at any time.

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