GARDENA Cleansystem

Simply “click” and connect to your garden hose for excellent outdoor cleaning results.


The GARDENA Cleansystem range for your wet cleaning jobs

With more than 50 years in experience of cleaning, GARDENA Cleansystem is ideal for dealing with your outdoor cleaning tasks with water. The versatile range offers you various brushes, handles and detergents. Great GARDENA quality with an extended warranty of 5 years.*

*After registration at gardena.com/registration within 3 months after purchase. Warranty conditions at gardena.com/warranty.

**GARDENA's first cleaning brush was produced in 1968.

Versatile, flexible and water-connected


Cleaning tools for hand and handle

Whether you use a hand brush to clean smaller items, or a handled brush for cleaning larger areas, they are all are water connected. Simply '"click" and connect the GARDENA CleanSystem to your garden hose for excellent outdoor cleaning results.


Find the right brush for your versatile cleaning jobs


Discover our flexible system of interchangeable brushes and detergents.


Clean with ease and comfort by a simple „click“

Choose the right brush according to your task


Hand Brushes soft

Ideal for cleaning smaller smaller areas with sensitive surfaces.


Handle Brushes soft

Ideal for cleaning larger areas with sensitive surfaces.


Hand Brushes hard

Ideal  for smaller areas with insensitive surfaces.


Handle Brushes hard

Ideal for larger areas with insensitive surfaces.

Brushes for special applications


NEW: Cleansystem Bike Brush

Ideal for cleaning bikes, bicycle trailers or prams. Use the bristles for cleaning the frame effectively and the sponge for the spokes.

Cleansystem Detergents - available for all hand brushes and handle brush combinations


Easily add GARDENA Shampoo Wax Sticks to your hand brushes


For handle brushes insert the GARDENA Shampoo Rings into the dispenser of the handle

Discover the variety of our Cleansystem


Tackle any cleaning task with GARDENA

Gardening, water-connected and battery-powered tools that make every cleaning task possible.