A woman cutting some thistles

Product Advisors

You don´t know which GARDENA product fits to your needs? Then have a look on our product advisors.

A GARDENA robotic lawnmower in the garden

Robotic mower advisor

You don't know which robotic lawnmower is the correct one for your garden?

Close-up of a GARDENA Micro-Drip-System in the soil

Micro-Drip-System advisor

You need to know what products you need for your situation?

GARDENA watering system installed in a garden

Automatic irrigation advisor

You need help to find the right automatic irrigation system?

A busy street in a city with a hand holding a smartphone, that has a Tree growing out of it

Smart System advisor

Get the perfect System for your needs.


AquaBloom calculator

See here how much water your plants need as long as you are gone.