Garden Helpers

GARDENA's range of garden helpers are perfect for quick and easy garden tidying.
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Keep your garden neat and tidy

A man using the Gardena Leafcollector

Useful accessories

GARDENA brings you a range of accessories to ensure you have everything you need to keep your garden neat and tidy.

GARDENA weedpuller removing weeds from the lawn

GARDENA weed puller

Remove weeds from the lawn and garden easily without the use of harsh chemicals with the GARDENA Weed Puller, with patented narrow blades to limit damage to your lawn and soil.

A woman using a Gardena Gripper to pick up an apple

Extra tools to help make gardening easier and more efficient than ever

For cleaning up your garden the GARDENA gripper is perfect for collecting fallen fruit, leaves or waste, with an included scraper.


Garden inspiration

weed puller

What can be done against weeds in the lawn?

Weed! It sprouts out of the lawn and destroys the hard work and the neat picture of the garden. Below, you will find more information on how to prevent the growth of new weeds, and which actions you can take against the annoying plants.
using own fertilizer

Simplicity from nature: Make your own fertilizer

If you want an abundance of colourful flowers or a bumper crop of home-grown vegetables in your garden, fertilizer is a must. Here are some useful tips to make your own.
city gardening

How to cut and multiply sage

If sage is planted in the right place in the garden, it can spread over several square meters. Find out how to cut it right and multiply sage.