a person is watering flowers correctly
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10 golden rules for watering

To prevent your plants from hanging their heads in summer, they need plenty of water. But how much or how often should they be watered? Continue reading for our 10 top tips to help you keep you garden perfectly watered.

Rule no. 1: Keep evenly moist

Most plants depend on even moisture. However, slight drying out before watering promotes root growth of the plants.

Rule no. 2: Water less often, but thoroughly

In the flower bed, one to two watering sessions per week are usually sufficient: better to water less regularly but with plenty of water rather than little and often.

woman is watering her garden flowers

Rule no. 3: Water late in the evening or early in the morning

Watering cool soil in the early morning or late evening helps the soil to absorb the water, rather than in the midday sun when most of the water will evaporate

Rule no. 4: Keep leaves dry to avoid diseases

Wet leaves become diseased leaves. Leaves that are made wet in the sun develop slight burn marks (burning glass effect of the water droplets).


automatic water control is helping you to relax in your garden

Rule no. 5: Ensure the water reaches the roots 

In order for plants to thrive, they need water at the roots. Therefore, when watering your plants, be sure to lift flowers and leaves and water the plant to the base; ensuring the soil is saturated enough to penetrate the soil.

Rule no. 6: Give larger water quantities in parts

Water needs a moment to seep into the soil. Before precious water in the bed flows away unused, it’s better to water repeatedly in parts.

man is watering his garden flowers

Rule no. 7: Water with a target but distribute

Always watering at only one root point leads to one-sided root growth and thereby to poorer nutrient absorption in the soil. Therefore, always water around the plant and distribute in the entire irrigation area.

Rule no. 8: Irrigate in a way that saves water

Water as much as necessary and as little as possible. This is simplified with an automatic irrigation system with moisture sensor – in the bed, on the balcony and on the lawn.

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Rule no. 9: Avoid waterlogging

Waterlogging suppresses the breathing air of the roots out of the soil – the root cells drown without oxygen.

Rule no. 10: Use quality, clay-rich soil

Plant soil rich in clay minerals has better expanding properties and can therefore hold soil in the water better and in a more even way. In wet summers and in winter, ensure water drainage to prevent waterlogging.