More than 40 years expertise in: Drainage. Irrigation. Domestic Use

GARDENA, Europe’s leading brand of high-quality pump products for drainage, irrigation or domestic use! Great products with impressive performance and excellent efficiency. These powerful pumps are exactly the right choice to help around the home and garden. The modern and usage oriented design as well as the outstanding performance will impress you. All these advantages and more make these pumps the ideal devices.

Reliable quality

GARDENA has more than 40 years of experience in pumpsengineering. So you can be sure in high quality and performance of our products. And now GARDENA pumps are even more reliable with extended warranty. 5 years pumps warranty for free by registering your GARDENA pump.


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Dry positioned pumps for garden watering

Garden Pumps and Electronic Pressure Pumps - Suitable for convenient and safe irrigation with sprinklers, nozzles, sprayers and Micro-Drip System.


Easy garden irrigation with Submersible Pressure Pumps

Rain Water Tank Pumps - High performance and convenient
Submersible Pressure Pumps - For pumping water from deep wells or cistern. Robust, easy and powerful.


Drainage options

Drain pools, ponds and flooded basements quickly and efficiently with GARDENA high capacity drainage pumps.
Submsersible pumps - for clear or slightly dirty water.
Dirty water pumps - specially designed to cope with particles up to 38 mm in diameter.


Domestic water supply

With trouble-free, high-performance GARDENA Pressure Tank Units you can use alternative sources from such as a well or cistern for supplying water to your house (toilet flushing, washing machine) and your garden.

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Battery Rainwater Tank Pump 2000/2 18V P4A solo
ArticleList_CommercialReference : 14602-55
Flexible and powerful – the battery-powered pump for rain barrels

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