GARDENA smart system is available in convenient sets

You only want the smart Water Control? Or the smart Sensor and the Water Control? Whatever combination you choose, there is a set for you. And you can always buy individual components separately.

smart SILENO
Article No. : 19060-28
GARDENA smart SILENO. Let it mow and enjoy your free time.
smart system Set
Article No. : 19100-28
Fully-automatic garden care via GARDENA smart App
smart Sensor Control Set
Article No. : 19102-28
Irrigation in accordance with requirements via the GARDENA smart App
smart Water Control Set
Article No. : 19103-28
Efficient water management via the GARDENA smart App
GARDENA smart Sensor
Article No. : 19030-20
smart Sensor
GARDENA smart Water Control
Article No. : 19031-28
Einsetzbar für smart Sets Art. 19060, 19061, 19103, 19102, 19100