GARDENA smart system is available in convenient sets

You only want the smart Water Control? Or the smart Sensor and the Water Control? Whatever combination you choose, there is a set for you. And you can always buy individual components separately.

smart SILENO city Set
Article No. : 19066-28
The smart Robotic Lawnmower for urban gardens up to 500 m²
smart SILENO Set
Article No. : 19060-28
GARDENA smart SILENO. Let it mow and enjoy your free time.
smart system Set
Article No. : 19100-28
Fully-automatic garden care via GARDENA smart App
smart Sensor Control Set
Article No. : 19102-28
Irrigation in accordance with requirements via the GARDENA smart App
smart Water Control Set
Article No. : 19103-28
Efficient water management via the GARDENA smart App
GARDENA smart Sensor
Article No. : 19030-20
Measure factors such as soil moisture, light internsity and external temperature and inclue the soil moisture in the irrigation control system using the smart App
GARDENA smart Water Control
Article No. : 19031-28
Automatic irrigation via smart App