Do what you love

The GARDENA robotic lawnmowers will take care of the rest.

What’s the rush? Finally relax! Simply do what brings you joy – like yoga, reading, swimming, having a barbecue, or playing with your children. Now you can. While the robotic lawnmower mows.

95% customer satisfaction speaks for itself:
The GARDENA robotic lawnmowers are the most popular models for domestic gardens.

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Gardena Robotic Lawnmower

Why a GARDENA robotic lawnmower?

Thanks to Silent Drive motors, GARDENA offers robotic lawnmowers that are quieter than nearly the rest. With simple menu navigation, installation, operation and programming are dealt with in no time. The cutting height can be adjusted flexibly and the fine cut grass tips are a natural fertilizer for your lawn (mulch function). GARDENA robotic lawnmowers work in all weathers. Thanks to the boundary wire, our models know precisely where to mow. Mowing, charging and navigation even through narrow corridors (down to 60 cm between the boundary wires) happen independently thanks to guide cables.

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Easy to install

Installation is as easy as ABC and can be completed quickly. How to do it yourself?

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Spotless lawn thanks to the SensorCut system

Perfect, stripe-free, close cut - because the polished precision blades on both sides cut grass evenly and cleanly from all directions.

Daily care will help the lawn to become thicker and to achieve the appearance of a green carpet.

Unbeatable service from GARDENA

Robotic Lawnmowers Model Overview

Which GARDENA robotic lawnmower is the right one for me?

These are the most important criteria to consider when making your decision:
Article No. : 15001-28
The Robotic Lawnmower for small urban gardens up to 250 m²
smart SILENO city Set
Article No. : 19066-28
The smart Robotic Lawnmower for urban gardens up to 500 m²
smart SILENO Set
Article No. : 19060-28
GARDENA smart SILENO. Let it mow and enjoy your free time.
smart system Set
Article No. : 19100-28
Fully-automatic garden care via GARDENA smart App
Garage for SILENO city
Article No. : 4007-60
For SILENO city and smart SILENO city (R70Li, R80Li) – protection against sun and rain
Garage for SILENO Robotics
Article No. : 4011-20
Protects your SILENO Robotic Lawnmower against direct sunshine and severe weather

*2015 online survey, R40/70Li
*Source: Husqvarna Group market research