Top tips to keep your garden happy and hydrated

Hose pipe ban UK - What you need to know

With the driest July on record for many parts of the UK, much of the south is currently under a hosepipe ban, with more areas potentially affected during the coming weeks. But all is not lost, you can still keep you garden happy and hydrated with GARDENA!

We understand that sometimes the rules and regulations around what you can and can't do during the the hosepipe ban can be confusing; so here are GARDENA's top 5 tips for keeping your garden happy and hydrated, while saving water:

1. MicroDrip irrigation

Did you know, drip irrigation systems are exempt from the hosepipe ban? GARDENA's range of MicroDrip systems are perfect for potted plants, hedge rows and flower/veggie beds. Because they save up to 70% water consumption compared to standard irrigation methods, and include a pressure reducing valve your garden can still bloom! Because micro-irrigation drip feeds the soil, allowing the water to penetrate right down to the roots not only do you save water, your plants are healthier than ever and less susceptible to disease.
Want to find out more about installing a GARDENA MicroDrip system? Click here to check out our YouTube video!

2. Mulch Mulch Mulch

It is worth noting that you can still use a watering can during a hosepipe ban - try using grey water to fill your cans. To help the soil retain moisture, trying using grass clippings or other kinds of mulch.

3. Collect rain / grey water

It's also worth remembering you can still connect your hose to a water butt that has collected rain or grey water to irrigate your garden. Garden pumps are a great way to help transport the water from the butt efficiently.

4. Rise and Shine!

Whether you use a Micro Irrigation system, water butt or can, timing is key! The best time to water your garden is very early morning, to avoid excess evaporation and keep your plants hydrated throughout the day.  If this isn't practical, consider pairing your GARDENA MicroDrip system to a Water Control - this will allow you to set your own watering schedule, so you can sit back and relax knowing your garden is cared for.

5. Grey water

From bath, to dish water - most grey water is perfectly safe to irrigate our plants with, as long as there is nothing toxic in the water it's a great way to recycle and reduce wastage.