Wintery decoration

Garden Life
There’s no need to spend a great deal to create beautiful decorations. With some creative thinking it’s easy to make your own. Of course, you can also visit specialized furnishing or decoration stores and get whatever fits into your home.

This year, it is really trendy to use materials like artificial furs, fleece or velvet. If for example you cover old cushions or furniture with one of these fabrics, you’ll obtain a unique decoration which cannot be bought anywhere else. Ideally, for winter decorations, choose warm colours like violet, purple or other berry-like shades. For a festive touch, you can add shiny colours like silver, bronze or gold shades, for example by adding special patterns or border trims to the cushions.

Being a friend of nature and the garden, it is also trendy to use materials from nature as decorative material, for example fir or pine branches or pine cones. This is probably the most inexpensive and easiest type of decoration. For a warm and cosy touch, just add a few candles in warm colours – ideally fitting in with your new cushions – and you can start to relax.

Of course, you can also decorate the outside area of your home, such as your balcony or patio. For this, you can use your imagination, whatever jumps to mind. This can be things you have lying around: fir branches, colourful ribbons, chains of lights, or pots and vases filled with shiny glitter balls that can be turned into eye-catching decorations. Just make sure that you use weatherproof materials which cannot be damaged by rain, snow or ice if your decorations are not undercover.