Terrace cleaning without chemicals

Garden Life
Moss on the terrace means it’s high time for a thorough cleaning

Gentle wash

Moss on the terrace floor and flagstones is not only unsightly; in the long run, it also damages the subsurfaces and makes them perilously slippery in wet weather. Whoever wants to get rid of this unwanted green guest can do away with aggressive cleaning detergents. The simplest and most eco-friendly solution is to combat moss with water and a scrubbing brush or a wire brush with a handle.

Water treatment

If the moss proves particularly difficult to remove and has spread over considerably large areas, a high-pressure cleaner may facilitate the task. However, the high pressure involved could cause small cracks in the stone slabs.

An expert tip

Hot water cleans better; if necessary, it may be mixed with a little vinegar and citric acid. In this case, however, please observe the relevant statutory provisions.