Summer days in your garden

Garden Life
For months you have been working in your garden. You have cultivated, refurbished and taken care of it. You invested many hours, so now it is time to enjoy the result of what you have worked for. Spending leisure time in your own garden seems to be weird to many people. But it also can be an adventure: You can enjoy the delights of the garden according to your moods and desires – a luxury you should allow yourself more often.
Did you ever think of the advantages of using your garden as a holiday resort? There would be no need for long and exhausting journeys to your holiday accommodation – your holidays can start right away! Nonetheless, it is advisable to plan what to do in your garden during your leisure time.


A good idea is to create your own holiday paradise and to save money. To create an enjoyable holiday atmosphere, you should equip your garden in a lovely way. Garden furniture like tables, chairs, banks, sun loungers and parasols offer you many possibilities to enjoy your own paradise. Hang up a hammock and read a book. Savour the tranquility and simply relax? Line up night lights or torches, which you can light up in the evening to create a cozy atmosphere. A colorful decoration with fresh flowers, wreaths or planted pots also helps to make your surroundings more comfortable.

Gardening is healthy

For many people, gardening has something to do with passion. It is fun for them to mow, to plant, to cut flowers and branches and to blow off steam. All the work has a positive side-effects. Your blood pressure drops, your pulse and heart rate beat more calmly, your tensions will disappear and your muscles are well supplied with blood.

Bathing season

Summertime is bathing time. You can install a garden shower or a pool. This is great fun for you, your kids and even your animals. Water offers a refreshing cooling-down and strengthens the cardiovascular system. As July is in many parts of the world a very hot month, the pool water heats up by itself. When the day ends, collect up the used water with a watering can and use it for watering your plants. Afterwards fill fresh, cold water into the pool. Now you have an additional benefit from the water!
Of course, in your holiday garden you can do everything you want either leisure activities or work which still has to be done in and around the garden. Just make sure to get enough rest and recovery so that you can really enjoy the recreation value at home.