Strawberries that grow from the sky

Garden Life
Strawberries not only grow well in flower beds but also in pots or hanging baskets. However, not all varieties of strawberry are suitable for this. For balcony boxes, it is best to use the ‘Hummi-Meraldo’ variety. It is particularly resistant to heat and it has short-stemmed foliage. It therefore remains relatively compact.

For balcony boxes and hanging pots, the ornamental ‘Toscana’ strawberry is suitable. With its numerous long offshoots, it has hanging growth. In addition, it flowers pink instead of white, which further increases its decorative value. Although it is classed as an ornamental strawberry, numerous strawberries will successfully ripen throughout the summer. An average harvest is about one kilogramme per plant.

The ‘Hummi’ climbing strawberry is recommended for pots and hanging baskets. It grows strongly and has thicker than average stalks on its offshoots. This makes it preferable to all other strawberry varieties which are available as so-called ‘climbing strawberries’ which normally have thinner stalks. Thicker stalks get a better supply of water and nutrients – and a greater harvest in terms of the quantity and quality of the fruits.
The ‘Hummi’ variety described here as a hanging plant can also be thought of “backwards”, namely as a climbing strawberry. The ‘Hummi’ climbing strawberry grows very well and, when ideally supplied with water and nutrients, can grow to a height of up to two metres if tied to a climbing aid.

Tip: With strawberry plants in pots, or hanging baskets, make sure that the soil does not dry out but always remains evenly moist; otherwise it may effect growth. After planting and up to the time when the strawberry plants begin to grow, constantly ensure the soil is moist. To prevent fungal infections and rotting in spring do not wet the leaves water only the soil.