Spring cleaning in your garden, house and yard

Garden Life
Winter is slowly drawing to a close and the first rays of the spring sun are shining through the window. It is time to bring your house and garden up to scratch again! The following checklist serves as a guide for the different ‘spring cleaning’ tasks awaiting you.

House, flat & garden shed

• Brush away any cobwebs from ceilings and walls
• Wash windows inside and outside to remove any dirt gathered over winter
• Tidy your garden shed to make space for the gardening season ahead
• Prepare and replenish your gardening tool collection
• Ensure any indoor plant pots are washed and cleaned

Patio, yard & garden

• Clean the balcony and patio plaster for a clean look
• Remove moss and lichen from patio and yard surfaces
• Clear any gutters of leaves to prevent blocking
• Wash outdoor plant pots to promote new planting
• Ensure garden furniture is thoroughly cleaned
• Reorganise your garage
• Make sure waste bins are cleaned