Now it´s the right time to divide shrubs

Garden Life
Has the blossoming of your flowers or shrubs weakened over the last few years? Or have your flowers become too big and beset the other plants? Then now is the right time to divide and replant your shrubs, especially since now they already have stored the nutrients which are required for the next growth period.
In autumn, the planting and propagation time for many shrubs is ideal as the ground is still warm and the new shrubs will grow well in a new area of your garden. The dividing process rejuvenates the shrubs so that they will flower abundantly and grow strongly.

Shrubs which need to be divided usually have new shoots which stick out. Moreover, the shrubs get bald in the centre of the plants and do not carry many flowers. Being placed in the right place, flowers and shrubs will enhance your garden if taken care of properly.

Before starting to divide your shrubs, they need to be cut down to approximately a hand above the ground. After that, dig out your shrubs with a spade or fork. This can be done more easily if you move the rootstock back and forth with a tool. Smaller flowers or shrubs can also be divided with a knife or even with your hands. When the rootstock is dug out, the roots should be divided into one or more parts. The old roots should be cut off.

When dividing, make sure that each new part has a drive bud and also sufficient roots to be able to grow. Having planted the roots into their new spot, do not forget to water them well. In general, smaller parts grow more easily to strong shrubs as bigger parts of the divided shrubs.

Of course, such a rejuvenating cure is not necessary each year. The deviding intervals depend on the age of the shrubs and also on how well they still blossom. Ephemeral and short-lived shrubs like Coreopsis need to be devided approximately every four to six years. Long-life shrubs, like Echinacea, should be divided every eight to ten years.

If you have divided your shrubs correctly and have taken good care of them, they will bloom richly in the next season and give you a beautiful colourful garden.