Information on mowing lawns

Garden Life
Mowing is one of the most important tasks when caring for lawns. This is because only frequent mowing provides a thick, lush lawn. GARDENA offers two different types of lawnmower: Rotary mowers for normal mowing and cylinder mowers for particularly fine mowing.
If you also want to fertilise your lawn naturally, it is best to choose a mower that has a mulch function. In spring in particular, it is important to cut lawns at least once a week. GARDENA lawnmowers have a specially ground cutting blade for particularly powerful, clean and precise cutting.

Regardless of whether you choose a rotary mower which is electric, battery-powered, a steering mower, or petrol-fuelled or a cylinder mower which is manually, electrically, or battery-powered to create your perfect English lawn, the GARDENA product range offers the right solution for all requirements.