Fertilising the lawn for a lush finish

Garden Life
Providing your lawn with the right nutrients can guarantee continuous growth and a lush, thick, green finish.

Adjusting the fertiliser amounts

Since lawn areas often have to struggle with a meagre supply of nutrients, special attention has to be paid to a balanced distribution of fertilisers. Here, it is advisable to fertilise more often and with smaller amounts. In order to avoid yellow patches due to the wrong dosage, a spreader is the best solution.

Every lawn is different

When it comes to decorative lawns, fertilising with additional nutrients once in spring and once later on in the year suffices. Larger areas such as sports fields, for example, are under considerably more strain and requires fertilising up to four times year.

An expert tip

For the correct measurement of the fertiliser amount, the time of the year is decisive. Ideally, fertiliser is spread only during the growth period (March to August). To ensure the supply of nutrients during the winter half-year, long-term fertiliser with extra-slow release of fertilising substances is called for.