Delicious seedlings for the kitchen

Garden Life
Fresh cress, broccoli and radishes – if you want vitamins and minerals in February you could grow a variety of seedlings on your window sill. These seedlings do not need much space and will grow easily in winter. You can buy the seeds for growing your own seedlings for very little money in almost any supermarket or garden center. If you want to make sure that seeds will become strong seedlings you will also need some soil or substrate, and of course, sunlight, air and water.
First of all moisten the soil. Then distribute the seeds uniformly on the wet soil. From now on you should keep the soil slightly wet by spraying water onto the seeds regularly. Make sure that the seeds do not dry out, but also do not wet the soil too excessively to avoid the seeds from rotting. The surrounding temperature should be between 18 and 23° degrees. The seeds usually germinate within one or two days. After one or two weeks the seedlings should have grown to five or six centimeters and are ready for harvest.

In general, the taste of larger seedlings is more intense than the taste of young seedlings. Seedlings, for example from broccoli seeds, supply much more vitamins and nutrients as adult plants. So with the help of your small garden on the window sill, new tastes come into your kitchen. The seedlings have a wide range of colours and flavours, from spicy to mild. They enrich every salad or soup with their fresh taste. Moreover, they can be used equally well for sandwiches or for decoration on your food dishes. So now let’s enjoy the vitamin rich seedlings and refine your meals with home grown cress – for an even better taste.