Cultivating potatoes correctly for a rich harvest

Garden Life
Enjoy a bountiful harvest of healthy, rich potatoes with these expert tips.


A sunny area with sandy-clay soil is ideal for potatoes. Allow the seed potatoes to pre-sprout in a cool, bright area in the apartment for four weeks prior to planting so that they will be able to grow better.

Planting potatoes

Potatoes are usually planted in April or May when there is no more severe frost in the ground. Ideally, you need to draw furrows in the loosened soil at intervals of half a metre and places a tuber in the soil every 30 cm or so. Finally, cover up the furrows with soil and water regularly. Depending on the timing of sowing and the sort of potato, the harvesting can take place between July and September.

An expert tip

Mint stock effectively combats the notorious potato beetle. To this end, boil the mint for 5 minutes and spray the leaves of the potato plants on both sides with the stock several times.