Collect or leave grass clippings?

Garden Life
Sometimes collecting isn't always necessary. Grass clippings from lawn mowing can be used for mulching or composting.

Why mulch?

Short grass clippings may be left on the lawn area to serve as mulch. Utilising this process means the nutrient supply and quality of the soil is improved. For example, leave longer stalks of grass to dry, and then sweep them up from the lawn to be spread under shrubs, hedges and trees as a layer of mulch which is three to five centimetres in thickness.

Composting done right

Grass clippings may also be composted. It is best to first leave the clippings to dry for a while. So that the grass clippings do not rot and stink on the compost heap, they should be placed on the heap in layers which are no higher than 10 cm. Other dry forms of garden waste such as straw or dry leaves should form the layers in between. Whether in layers or directly mixed in prior to composting: It is important that the grass clippings are mixed with dry compost material, gardening soil or fresh compost in order to ensure the ideal decay of the composted material.

An expert tip

In order to achieve ideal results when mulching, mow the lawn more frequently and only a little so that the short straws slip through the blades of grass onto the soil and thus decay quickly.