Water Controls

Fully automatic and clever garden irrigation

The new GARDENA Water Controls

Water is a valuable resource that should be used intelligently and sustainably. The new GARDENA Water Controls make saving water simple by using it efficiently while also providing optimal and reliable care for plants, allowing gardeners to dedicate themselves to other tasks.

The GARDENA Manual Tap Timer is the entry-level model among the Water Controls. The timer is simple to operate thanks to a large rotary knob, which can be used to individually adjust the watering duration for each schedule to between 5 and 120 minutes. The new GARDENA Easy Water Control is even more convenient, allowing the user to pre-set 17 preferences for their watering needs. The Easyplus offers garden lovers yet more options, allowing users to quickly and easily set the frequency and duration of irrigation using two rotary knobs. The system also offers special settings for use in conjunction with the GARDENA Outdoor Fine Mist Set, for example a watering duration of five seconds every three minutes.
The new GARDENA Flex is specially designed for balcony gardeners who want to make sure that their plants on balconies, roof terraces and patios are given the care they need. Users can set watering times in one-second intervals, meaning this model is perfect for use with a drip irrigation system.

Three independent watering schedules can be set with the new GARDENA Select. The time, duration and day of the week on which irrigation should take place can all be adjusted.
Passionate amateur gardeners are opting for the new Master Water Control. It lets you create up to six independent irrigation schedules, and can also be used in combination with the GARDENA Water Distributor Automatic. The menu settings are available in 10 languages. If the weather changes, you can reduce all watering times centrally in 10% increments — or put irrigation on hold for a few days if there is a period of bad weather.

The new Flex, Select and Master Water Controls are equipped with "Safe Stop" technology. This means that if the battery level is too low to control a planned irrigation process or stop the process once it has started, the process will not start at all. This means that gardeners can be safe in the knowledge that the device is working reliably at all times — and that they won't receive any nasty surprises due to an endless flow of water. The watering control systems are also equipped with a "Water Now" function, which allows users to water their plants manually without having to remove the device from the tap. All models are operated using a 9-V battery, which will last for one season.
All settings are displayed clearly on an LCD display. The intuitive menu is operated using just one button via a "pushing and turning" technique. The settings can be controlled quickly and easily in the house or from a deck chair, because the weather-resistant operating unit is fully portable. The child safety lock on the display ensures that settings cannot be changed accidentally.
All three models can also be used with the GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor. The sensor can be connected to the Watering Control System by cable and is used to measure the soil moisture, disabling timer-based irrigation if the moisture level is sufficient in order to save water.
The new GARDENA Water Controls will be available in shops as individual systems, or can be bought as part of an attractive set with other GARDENA products. For example, the Easyplus can be bought in a set with the Outdoor Fine Mist Set. The system is easy to operate using two large rotary knobs. Users can choose from more than 60 combinations for the duration and frequency of irrigation. There are also special combinations available for the GARDENA Outdoor Fine Mist Set that feature a high frequency of short watering times. The GARDENA Flex will be available to buy in combination with various Micro-Drip Starter Sets.

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