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The new GARDENA Textile Hose Liano

GARDENA's premium quality gets a new look. The Textile Hose Liano is very easy to store and use for watering. The ideal and convenient solution for terraces and gardens of any size.

During the summer months, the garden hose is in constant use and therefore must be able to withstand the demanding workload, but it also needs to be convenient and easy to use. The new GARDENA Textile Hose Liano meets all these criteria — but that's not all it can do.
The new GARDENA Liano consists of an inner hose covered in a highly durable textile fabric. This makes it easy to move the hose over the garden and around corners without kinking or twisting. Even if you drag it over the terrace or it brushes up against a prickly rose bush, it won't damage the hose. It is significantly lighter than a conventional PVC hose, making it especially convenient to store — including on hose trolleys or reels. The hose is UV-resistant and frost-proof, and therefore extremely durable.
In addition, the 35-bar burst pressure means that the Liano can handle any water pressure. When under pressure, the inner hose expands slightly to a diameter of 13 mm (1/2") to ensure high water flow.

It is available in lengths of 15, 20 and 30 metres and is ready for immediate use. The set includes a GARDENA Watering Sprayer or Cleaning Nozzle in addition to tap connectors, hose connector and water stop. A special set is available for all city gardeners, consisting of the 10-m textile hose, the Original GARDENA connectors and the new Balcony Sprayer with particularly gentle spray. Everything is packaged in a high-quality, durable fabric basket. The GARDENA Textile Hose Liano has a 30-year warranty.

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