Adhesive films to customize your robotic lawn mower

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Customize now your GARDENA robotic lawnmower!

Design your robotic lawnmower individually with our adhesive foils!

Whether as a ladybug, rainbow fish, zebra, plant or in Hawaiian style - choose from 5 ready-made designs the right wrap for your robotic lawnmower.

Similar to the foiling of a vehicle, the adhesive foil is simply applied directly to the robotic lawnmower. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also protects your robotic lawnmower and the material from UV radiation.

How it works


Choose a design

Decide for an adhesive film. Thus, your robotic lawnmower will be embellished according to your taste!


Your model

Select your robotic lawnmower model. Thus, the adhesive film fits perfectly to your robotic mower!



You can now order your adhesive film directly from GARDENA and have it delivered to your home!