Your GARDENA pump warranty extension

If you register your GARDENA Pump within 3 months after purchasing date, you will get a free warranty extension from two to five years. 

For detailed warranty conditions, please refer to the enclosed operating manual enclosed in the pumps package (wearing parts and battery are not covered by the warranty).
To register your product, please fill in the form below.
In order to get information about your product registration and to change and/or remove the information submitted please contact us at

40 years

How it works:

  1. Note the 4-digit article number from the type plate
  2. Select the Art. No. (e.g. 1436) in the drop down list below and press the orange button next to it to obtain the 9-digit product number
  3. Note the serial number from the type plate (How to find the serial number)
  4. Insert all necessary data in the online form and send

Fields marked with * are mandatory.