29 Results found for: Premium 6000/5 inox LCD
Deep Well Pump 6000/5 inox
Article No. : 1492-20
Large quantities of water are quickly and extremely powerfully pumped from great depths
Deep Well Pump 6000/5 inox auto
Article No. : 1499-20
With automatic function – water conveniently and powerfully from great depths
Submersible Pressure Pump 6000/5
Article No. : 1476-20
Safe and comfortable – with automatic switch-on and switch-off function
Garden Pump 6000/6 inox
Article No. : 1736-20
The Premium model - for the highest demands in the home and garden
Deep Well Pump 5500/5 inox
Article No. : 1489-20
The premium model – extremely robust for deep drilled wells as of 100 mm Ø
Easy water extraction also from greater depths
Rain Water Tank Pump 4700/2 inox
Article No. : 1764-20
Rainwater at your fingertips – immediately and under high pressure
Comfortable water extraction for home and garden. With automatic function
The strongest pump for every occasion. With automatic function.
Premium-quality and powerful – the top model for highest demands
The top model with rust-proof stainless steel tank
When power is needed – the premium model for strong drainage
The premium model for powerful draining
The most comfortable way to use your rain barrel
Premium Cleaning Nozzle
Article No. : 18305-20
Metal nozzle for convenient cleaning and watering.
Premium Multi Sprayer
Article No. : 18317-20
Metal sprayer for various watering and cleaning tasks with five spraying patterns.
Premium Spray Lance
Article No. : 18336-20
Metal spray lance for targeted watering and cleaning at a distance. Frost-proof.
Hose with Power Grip, 20 m