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Pressure Sprayer 5 l Comfort
Article No. : 11130-20
The ergonomic Pressure Sprayer for plant care. With integrated cone opening for easy filling and treads for comfortable pumping
Pressure Sprayer 1.25 l
Article No. : 11120-20
The handy Pressure Sprayer for balcony and terrace plants with clever additional opening
Pressure Sprayer 5 l Plus
Article No. : 11138-20
The comfortable Pressure Sprayer for plant care with wide-reaching spray
Pressure Sprayer 5 l EasyPump
Article No. : 11136-20
Battery operated Pressure Sprayer for comfortable plant care
Submersible Pressure Pump 6000/5
Article No. : 1476-20
The user-friendly and efficient submersible pressure pump with automatic switch-on and switch-off function
Pressure Tank Unit 3700/4 
Article No. : 9023-20
Powerful and sustainable water supply for home and garden
Convenient water extraction with adjustable float switch
Pressure Tank Unit 3000/4 eco
Article No. : 1753-20
The energy-saving entry-level model for the safe supply of water
Pressure Tank Unit 4000/5 eco
Article No. : 1754-20
High-performance technology – quiet operation
Pressure Tank Unit 5000/5 eco
Article No. : 1755-20
Powerful performance – intelligent technology – large delivery capacity
Reliable – precise drip irrigation
Reliable – precise drip irrigation
Easy installation – precise inline drip irrigation
For powerful cleaning in outdoor areas without a power and water connection
Convenient automatic water extraction for house and garden
A powerful and reliable submersible pressure pump for automatic water supply for a wide range of solutions in your house and garden
The top model with rust-proof stainless steel tank
For pressurised lines up to 40 bar working pressure and for suction and high-pressure hoses