227 Results found for: Classic Fine Spray Gun with Flow Control
Regulates or cuts off the water flow
Protects against impurities
Protects against impurities
Protects against impurities
For increased water flow
Controlling and shutting off water flow directly at the tap
Ideal for changing accessories
Classic Water Sprayer
Article No. : 18311-20
Convenient sprayer for pleasant watering - now frost-proof
Classic Multi Sprayer
Article No. : 18313-20
Convenient sprayer for variable watering and cleaning tasks - now frost-proof
Classic Spray Lance
Article No. : 18332-20
For gentle watering with distance - now frost-proof
Classic Pressure Sprayer 5 l
Article No. : 828-20
Targeted use of fertiliser and pesticides in flower- and kitchen gardens
Classic Water Sprayer Offer
Article No. : 18299-34
Complete watering set for fast tap and hose connection
Classic Spray Sprinkler Fox
Article No. : 1951-20
The Spray Sprinkler for smaller areas
combisystem Flower Rake
Article No. : 8925-20
For raking and loosening the soil
Flower Fork
Article No. : 8952-20
For root-friendly planting and transplanting
Starter Set Flower Pots S
Article No. : 13000-32
Convenient watering of flower pots
Starter Set Flower Pots M
Article No. : 13001-20
Care-free and water-saving irrigation
Water Smart Flow Meter
Article No. : 8188-20
Unique, smart and helpful – for environmentally conscious irrigation