Water Controls

Valve Box V3

Valve Box V3



Variable water supply

Water supply can be made from three different sides.


Easy installation

The telescopic screwed connection allows easy valve mounting and removal of the Irrigation Valves.


Easy and safe cable connection

The junction box is waterproof and allows easy and tidy 24 V cable connection.


Frost protection

Through the central drain cap, the supply line can be emptied in time before the first frost of the season.


Child safety

The cover can be locked for child safety.


For the installation of three valves

In the GARDENA Valve Box V3, either three 24 V Irrigation Valves or three Irrigation Valves 9 V can be installed below ground. The junction box is waterproof and allows easy and tidy 24 V cable connection.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 1255-20
EAN-Code: 4078500125505


Thread 1" male thread

Fits for

Programming Unit
Article No. : 1242-20
Programming made easy
Article No. : 1250-20
Control of Irrigation Valves
Irrigation Valve 9 V
Article No. : 1251-20
Reliable irrigation control
Connector 25 mm x 1" female thread
Article No. : 2762-20
Safe connection

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