Connecting Point

Connecting Point



Complete with "Profi" Maxi-Flow System Threaded Tap Connector

For connection of the underground system to the tap with "Profi" System Fittings and a 19 mm (3/4") garden hose. The high flow of the "Profi" System is ideal for feeding water into the system.


High functional safety

The pop-up spherical cover disappears inside when the Connecting Point is opened and thereby presents no obstacle for lawn mowing.


No dirtying

Thanks to the removable dirt filter, debris such as leaves or grass can be easily and tidily removed from the Connecting Point.


Wide rim

The wide, circumferential rim prevents grass from growing into the cover, thus guaranteeing problem-free operation.


Convenient and safe connection

With the GARDENA Connecting Point, the connection from the tap to the Sprinklersystem or Pipeline is safe and convenient.



Practical system start of Pipeline and Sprinklersystem

The GARDENA Connecting Point connects the tap with the underground GARDENA Sprinklersystem or GARDENA Pipeline. If an Irrigation Valve or a Water Connector is connected, the hose connection stands under continuous pressure; in this case, the hose connection is to be pressure-stabilised with the Adapter Piece.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 2722-20
EAN-Code: 4078500272209


Thread 3/4" male thread

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Fits for

Connector 25 mm x 3/4" female thread
Article No. : 2761-20
Safe connection

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