Branch Pruners

Telescopic Accu Pruner TCS Li-18/20

Telescopic Accu Pruner TCS Li-18/20



2-in-1 system

The tiltable cutting head makes it possible: branches can be cut high up in trees or on the ground. You can reach even areas which are difficult to access easily.


Incredible cutting performance

The Telescopic Accu Pruner can cope with 140 branch cuts (at a diameter of 5 cm) with one fully-charged battery.


Telescopically adjustable

The lightweight handle is telescopically adjustable. This means that you can achieve a range of up to 4 meters whilst standing safely on the ground.


Durable and independent from the mains network

The strong Lithium-Ion Replacement Battery is powerful, guarantees a long operating time and also fits many other GARDENA battery tools. Thanks to the POWERinfo charging status indicator, you are always kept informed of the remaining energy reserves in the battery.


Cuts branches at heights and on the ground. The 2-in-1 system makes everything possible.

The telescopic pruner is the “giraffe” amongst GARDENA Garden Tools. Using it, you can reach anything conveniently from the ground, without requiring a ladder. The telescopic pruner can be used to thin out treetops and to delimb at a height. It can reach almost inaccessible branches thanks to the telescopic handle. This handle is lightweight, so that you can conveniently and effortlessly reach places for which you would otherwise need to undertake dangerous climbs and exert a lot of force. Simply adapt the length of the telescopic pruner to the target height. A range of up to 4 meters is possible. The lightweight and narrow cutting head of the Telescopic Accu Pruner makes it easy to cut down branches even in narrow areas around the treetop. Because the cutting head is tiltable, you can conveniently adapt the cutting angle to the requirements and make handling easier. Thanks to the 2 in-1 system, the telescopic pruner is suitable both for working at heights as well as for comfortable cutting on the ground without having to bend over. The cutting support at the tip of the cutting blade assists cutting of the underside of branches and also protects the chain when cutting close to the ground. The powerful Li-Ion battery guarantees a long operating time: with one fully-charged battery, up to 140 cuts (branch diameter 5 cm) can be made. The POWERinfo charging status indicator on the battery indicates when it needs to be recharged. An empty battery can be completely recharged within approx. 3 hours.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 8866-20
EAN-Code: 4078500886604


#Battery voltage 18 V
Battery type Li-Ion
Bar length 200 mm
Chain speed at max power 3.8 m/s

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