Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the mostly asked questions about the GARDENA smart system.

How does the GARDENA smart system work?

Using the heart of the system, the gateway, the individual smart devices communicate with each other via wireless network communication. You control the GARDENA system using the GARDENA smart app, which connects to the gateway via the Internet. You can control your smart devices from anywhere in the world, provided the GARDENA smart app is connected to the Internet.

Can I set up sensor-controlled watering for the smart Water Control?

This function is not available at the moment. "Adaptive scheduling" will be made available shortly through an update for the start of the 2017 gardening season.

Is there a smart product for the 24-V/9-V watering systems from GARDENA?

At the moment, GARDENA does not have any smart components to enable full "smart" control of an existing GARDENA 9-V/24-V watering system.

Can the smart Water Control be combined with an existing watering system, e.g. Water Distributor automatic, art. no. 1197?

The smart Water Control can replace an existing Water Computer. It can also control a Water Distributor automatic with up to 6 watering devices. When using the smart Water Control with the Water Distributor automatic, art. no. 1197, please observe the information in the operating instructions enclosed with the Water Distributor for application-appropriate configuration of the watering durations and compliance with breaks between the individual outlets.

Can the GARDENA smart system be coupled with an existing smart home system?

The GARDENA smart system is a self-contained and operational system. A connection to existing smart home installations is possible via Apple HomeKit or IFTTT.

Which devices (smartphones, tablets) support the GARDENA smart system?

The operating systems iOS or Android are required. Minimum version iOS 8.1 or Android 4.4 and above.

Do I receive push notifications from the smart app?

Yes, if there are important messages and notifications, these are shown as push notifications on your mobile phone.

How often are updates implemented?

We will continue to work continuously on the smart app to optimise it and fulfil customer requirements. Therefore, precise intervals for updates cannot be predicted.