Spreader L

Spreader L



Convenient dosage

The open/close function on the handle enables precise dosage adjustment of the spreading material. Even the spreading quantity can be adjusted on the handle, without straining the back or having to bend down.


Corrosion- and weather resistant

The spreader is produced of corrosion- and weather resistant material and can be easily cleaned with water.


Year-round performance

The Spreader L can be used with spreading material in a variety of particle sizes – with fertilisers, seeds, granulate, sand and road salt. This enables its application all year-round, both in summer and in winter.


Even distribution

The special spreading roller provides even distribution of the spreading material. The sliding cover, in a 2-component material mix, closes the spreading container so tightly that no spreading material can accidentally spill or trickle out after use.


For all terrains

The large profiled wheels provide a firm grip and optimal traction on any surface.


For even distribution of spreading material on medium-sized areas.

The GARDENA Spreader L is optimally suited for the convenient distribution of fertiliser and road salt on medium-sized areas. It can be easily operated with the open/close function on the handle, where the spreading quantity can also be adjusted. The sliding cover features a sealing lip, which closes the spreading container so tightly and prevents spilling when the device is stationary, during filling or after use. The special spreading roller of the GARDENA Spreader L distributes the spreading material perfectly evenly, precisely and on only those areas where it is required. The spreader can be easily cleaned with water.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 432-20
EAN-Code: 4078500033169


Working area capacity (±20) 400 m²
Spreading width 0.45 m
Container capacity 12.5 l

Support & service

Robotic Service

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