GARDENA Pumps are the heart of a water circuit in the home and garden.

Easy to use and delivering a high level of performance, these products impress with the innovative, use-oriented extras they offer - for all aspects of irrigation, draining and supplying water for domestic use.

No matter what pump you choose, you can be sure of GARDENA quality, innovative features and high performance.


Garden Pumps
For allround garden irrigation, featuring safe pump functions and two outlets.

Rain Water Tank Pumps
For easy use of rain water from barrels, featuring automatic on/off function

Submersible Pressure Pumps
For pumping water from deep wells, where the pump needs to be put into the water, featuring automatic on/off functions.

Electronic Pressure Pumps
For convenient garden irrigation, featuring informative LCD display.

Submersible Pumps
For clear or slightly dirty water, come with aquasensor technique and floating switch panel for automatic cut-in and cut-out.

Dirty Water Pumps
Special submersible pumps designed to cope with particles up to 25, 30 or even 38 mm in Diameter.

Pressure Tank Units
For stationary use, these reliable pumps feature an Eco-mode and dry-running safety as well as a five-year maintenance free tank.

Electronic Pressure Pumps
For stationary or mobile use. Automatic Submersible Pressure Pumps – for use in a well or cistern.