Winterizing your irrigation system

Garden Life
Mid October the irrigation season ends. Temperatures go down and the lawn does not need much water any longer. The lawn starts to prepare for the upcoming season and stops the growing period. Therefore you can clean up irrigation equipment as hose trolleys, reels and boxes and stow winter-proof.

Store your equipment protected from frost before the first frost occurs.

If you use an automized irrigation system, we have some basic tips for you. 

Each irrigation system is different; therefore we recommend reading the individual Operating Instructions of your installed irrigation system.

Basic protection against frost

  • Close the water tap to the irrigation system at main valve. 
  • If the watering system is directly connected to the water tap, turn off the water supply and open the venting tap. Turn on each of the valves to release pressure in the pipes. 
  • Drain all of the water out of the system that might freeze. On slopes remove the valve located at the lowest level and store safe from frost. Or remove all valves and store safe from frost.

Empty watering cans and rain barrels before the first frost

  • In the case that you use a rain barrel for watering, you should drain this before winter. (Plastic barrels threaten to burst)
  • Drain and store pumps, e.g. from cisterns and rain barrels, frost-proof during the winter months. 
  • Drain hoses, sprayers and nozzles.