Winter tips for your lawn

Garden Life
As soon as snow and frost cover your lawn, do not tread on it. Here are our four tips for lawn care in winter.

1. Do not walking on the lawn when it is covered in frost

If you walk on grass when it is covered in frost and ice, the frozen grass stalks will break. The lawn will die off, and unattractive patches will appear.

2. Do not walk on the lawn when it is covered in snow

When covered in high and dense layers of snow, your lawn suffers from a lack of oxygen. The grass dies off, and fungal diseases such as snow mould can occur.

3. If necessary, remove any left-over leaves from your lawn on days when there is no frost or snow

The wind tends to blow piles of leaves or leaf-mulch layers on flower beds back onto the lawn. Remove these leaves once more. Under a layer of leaves, grass stalks are likely to go yellow and die off.

4. For the next winter – Apply autumn fertiliser one last time

This contains little nitrogen and a lot of potassium. This protects the plant cells against frost and diseases. If the fertiliser contains additional iron, your lawn will retain its attractive green colour in winter.