Winter decoration directly from the woods

Garden Life
Christmas gets closer and people decorate their houses at full blast. Cones are loved decorations, whether from spruce, larch or pine. Let’s see what can be done with this natural material.
Many cones are called fir cones but they often originate from other trees. Fir cones stand upright on branches. When they are ripe they disintegrate and fall to the ground as single flakes with their seeds. If you find complete cones, they might originate from spruce, pine or larch trees. These ones can be used perfectly for decorating. 

Cones fall down the whole year. You can collect them while you walk through the forest and store them for the next Christmas season. They can be hung, placed or glued to other objects. Cones can beautify your table as well as your window. They also can be used as name plates for a festive dinner or as small Christmas trees on your window sill. You can decorate them with snow spray or glue pearls onto the cones –your creativity knows no limits.

The basic equipment for decorating with cones includes a glue gun, wire, a nice ribbon and some creativity. Let us decorate windows and tables. Off you go!
Hearty window decoration
Take a piece of wire and pierce the cones. When the wire is full of cones, connect the ends and bend the wire into the wanted form, for example a heart or a star. Put a beautiful ribbon at the top so that it can be hung up at a window. If you like, you can put some pearls on it with the help of the glue gun.

Cosy table decoration
Take a nice and wide ribbon which overhangs both ends of your table for approximately 20 centimetres. Make a loop at each side. Now attach one cone a side with the help of the glue gun. If you make two ribbons you can let hang down the cones in different positions which looks very nice. Used with a white tablecloth, this decoration will create a wintery, cosy and festive feeling.