Why and how to remove autumn leaves from the lawn

Garden Life
When the trees lose their colourful autumnal dress and the ground is slowly covered with the coloured leaves, it is that time again: get the rake out! The leaves should not be left lying on the lawn, as otherwise there is a risk of mould. Before a lot of rain or snow falls on the lawn, the thick layer of leaves must be removed from the lawn so that it does not rot. Otherwise, the lawn lacks a sufficient supply of air and may rot or mould. To remove the leaves from the lawn, a classic leaf rake or also a lawnmower, with which the leaves can easily be collected in the grass box, are suitable.
Fallen leaves should also be separated from soft shoots, grass and evergreen shrubs, as these plants may also react to the wet leaves by rotting.

A good way of using the leaves is to cover empty beds or create hedgehog nests in a remote garden corner. In this way you also help wildlife protection, as in some European countries, the hedgehog is already on the Red List of Threatened Species. This is mainly because, due to meticulous clearing up work in the garden, unfortunately all nesting and shelter possibilities for hedgehogs, but also for many other beneficial organisms, are removed.