Watering your trees and shrubs in winter

Garden Life
In winter, the temperatures drop and a rest period begins for many plants. The cold is often not the problem for your plants – but a lack of water can cause them to dry out.
The prevailing belief that plants do not require water in winter is unfortunately not true. In winter, there appears to be sufficient water around, as opposed to summer – but this water is in the wrong physical state. When the earth is covered with snow and the ground freezes over for longer periods of time, some plants cannot obtain sufficient water. The frozen water is not available to the plants, as ice crystals cannot be adsorbed by their roots.
The strong rays from the sun in winter mean that evergreen plants in particular lose a lot of water via their leaves. On frost-free days, it is therefore expedient to water the shrubs and trees in your garden.
It is advisable to inspect your plants for signs of dryness. Signs of water deficiency are, for example, dried leaves.