Water your evergreen plants even in winter

Garden Life
Even in winter, it is essential that you keep a close eye on your plants, in particular if they are subjected to full sun during the day: the evergreens. This is because many hardy, evergreen pot plants do not die off because they freeze, but rather dry out. The reason: during sunny periods, the water in plants such as box, cherry laurel or rhododendron evaporates via their green leaves.
However, they do not receive a continuous supply of water as their soil is frozen. For this reason, many evergreen woody plants make use of a trick. They roll up their leaves to reduce the area subjected to the sun as much as possible, in order to keep the evaporation surface small. Therefore, it is essential that these evergreens should be watered as soon as the soil thaws slightly.

Pot plants dry out quickly

This is just the same for your evergreen favourites which stand in containers or pots on the patio. These, too, evaporate water via the leaves, and the soil and roots in their pots are frozen. Usually, plant owners also place their pot plants on the patio so that they receive lots of sun on days with better weather conditions. However, a shady spot is better. Therefore, pots containing evergreens, for example, should be watered as soon as the temperatures rise above zero degrees. Evergreen plants in pots require watering once a week.