The water garden in perspective

Garden Life
Every garden pond is unique. Its impact is determined by its style, size and shape and also by the site selected. A water garden is successful if it blends into the existing garden as naturally as possible.
At night, a pond can undergo a transformation into a nocturnal world of adventure if you use creatively arranged light sources. Create a fantastic, magical atmosphere around your own pond using GARDENA lights and spotlights. Your pond will quickly become the focal point of any garden party.

GARDENA water spouters , such as the "leaping" and water-spouting dolphins, are shown to even better advantage in the light generated by GARDENA underwater lights, as they conjure up atmospheric accents in vespertine garden ponds with their safe 12 volt low voltage. The spotlights can be adjusted as required both horizontally and vertically and can be positioned individually on a stand, ground spike or a nozzle tube attachment for fountain pumps. They come with four coloured glass inserts making it possible to create new colour effects time and time again. Link the decorative with the practical by choosing the UL35 underwater light; it can be used both in and out of the water. The light generated by the 35W halogen bulb marks out paths or illuminates potential trip hazards such as roots, path edges and hollows.

The new GARDENA floating lights create a magical atmosphere. The light spheres appear to float on the water and bathe any pond landscape in a soft light which invites you to linger and dream. The lights are supplied ready for connection with a diameter of 160 or 200 millimetres, 5W halogen bulb, connection cable and 12 V safety transformer. The plastic is resistant to impacts, weather, and extreme temperatures and makes the lights easy on the eye.